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technical overview

Birst automates business intelligence so that it's faster and easier to deploy and use than traditional solutions

Even large custom deployments are done in days, not months.

The Traditional Business Intelligence Approach

Birst_The Traditional Business Intelligence Approach

Traditional business intelligence solutions are hard to implement, expensive, and inflexible. Each part of the solution is made up of separate products sold by expensive providers, and IT has to connect all of the pieces together manually.

The Birst  Approach - Powerful BI That's Quick to Deploy and Easy to Use

Birst_The BirstApproach  Powerful BI That's Quick to Deploy and Easy to Use

With Birst, large parts of the deployment process are automated for you. Your data is quickly transformed into a full-feature analytical environment. With Quick Dashboards, Birst even creates some discovery dashboards and reports for you, so that you have a point from which to start exploring your data. This automated technology is so revolutionary that we're patenting it.

Birst is appropriate for all businesses, from small businesses to the largest enterprises. It's appropriate for users just creating a few simple reports and dashboards to users who are conducting sophisticated analyses across terabytes of data. Birst can grow with your needs - it has the sophisticated capabilities and scalability that even the largest organisations require.

In its more advanced editions (Professional, Group, and Enterprise), Birst enables you to:


  • Configure your data loading to meet your needs
  • Develop custom metrics and attributes to better describe your business
  • Create a development environment, so that you can modify dashboards and reports in private, revealing them to your colleagues only when you decide to share changes
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