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Integrate People, Processes, Applications

Finding an effective and  efficient business integration platform can accelerate  your business environment and keep all parts of your organisation  working in sync. In today’s business world  the need for integration and  automation is everywhere, from sales staff on the road, warehouse staff  in the bays, engineers on the shop floor, and even customers and  suppliers in your value chain. Linking them all together  in a seamless web of commerce and understanding has never been more  evident. Epicor Service Connect automation can help with a business integration platform that has everything businesses need to  excel in this integrated, automated environment.

Service Software that Integrates and Extends

Epicor Service  Connect is a central business integration platform  for secure workflow orchestrations within Epicor service software applications and between Epicor and non-Epicor applications. Users can automate tasks and streamline processes to promote efficiency across  the supply and demand chains. Extend visibility into your  enterprise applications to the entire organisation and to your partners, suppliers, and customers. Epicor Service Connect  integrates with EDI supply chain partners using XML, a lower cost  alternative to maintaining a full EDI infrastructure.

Automate Processes

Epicor  Service Connect automation allows users to automate or reduce  steps within a multi-step process to promote lean principles and  continuous performance initiatives.  Employees can focus on value-added activities and management by exception instead of  repetitive data entry tasks.  Epicor Service  Connect automation also allows you to add human workflow  activities, such as e-mail and other tasks, to your business process  workflow’s. Automating repetitive tasks and adding human  workflow items will reduce data entry time and errors and provide  quicker availability of valuable information to keep you informed and  your business competitive. Epicor Service Connect  provides secure workflow processing with logs for both transactional  integrity and compliancy. Processes are available for  review and tracking while in progress or after the process completes.

Open Standards Service Software Protects Your Investment

The  service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Epicor service software solutions enables workflow orchestrations within Epicor Service Connect to streamline processing within the application framework without the  need to understand the complexities of integrating applications and  processes. Epicor Service Connect uses XML documents to  provide simple Web service connectivity to Epicor service  software solutions and other applications that support XML  standards.  Epicor Service Connect makes integration easy  by eliminating the need for complex programming interfaces and extra  coding through the use of visual designers to link and map the  integration, error handling, scheduling, e-mail, and other tasks needed  to connect applications.

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