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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (formerly known as the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program) is an employer-driven immigration program operated by the Government of Alberta, in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Employers unable to fill skilled positions with Canadian residents may present their business case to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and apply for approval to recruit a specified number of foreign candidates to fill these positions.

To alleviate the severe labour shortages being experienced by Alberta companies, the AINP team embarked on a Lean journey in the Fall of 2005 to look at ways of increasing the throughput of their process.


Within six months they achieved these remarkable successes:

  • 40.8% increase in employer applications
  • 107.0 % increase in processed Immigrant Nominees/ Applications
  • 19% reduction in the time required to process the "Employer File"
  • 17.6% reduction in the time required to process the "Nominee File"

Some of the techniques that were utilised to improve the process included:

  • improving the efficiency of the distribution process (electronic documentation workflow procedures)
  • streamlining the approval process
  • developing a work cell approach

Further improvements are expected once more of the team's ideas begin to be implemented, and once the Lean team gets a chance to look at the layout of the work cells and improve it for better flow of information and materials.

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