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Integration Software = IBS Integrator

Enterprise Application Integration for today's fast moving business.

 IBS is ranked by AMR Research, as one of the largest international vendors of supply chain software. With this designation, IBS saw the need that supply chains needed to be more open and accessible to customers, partners and suppliers. IBS also recognized that a platform needed to be developed that would allow companies regardless of hardware, software, operating system, database, or communication infrastructure to communicate seamlessly.

IBS developed a collective set of tools called IBS Integrator. This powerful set of tools from IBS is multi-platform software that integrates systems, applications, databases, web portals and processes. It automates and connects business processes all along the supply chain in manufacturing, distribution and other industries.

IBS INTEGRATOR lets you talk with everyone: from customer ERP systems to transporters, 3PL outsourcers, suppliers, financial institutions, subsidiaries, service providers, external databases and anyone else in your supply chain, seamlessly, effortlessly, in real time.

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