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Quickly discover new business insights, easily monitor your organisation's activities, and affordably distribute business dashboards and reports.

Get the high-impact insights you need, so that your whole organisation is more efficient and effective.

Your business is awash in data - from marketing, sales, operations, finance, and more. How can you make sense of the disparate pieces of information, so that you can focus on key issues, discover new business insights, and compete more effectively?

Birst is an innovative analysis and reporting solution that allows you to easily integrate, analyse, and report on your information, turning it into key business insights that can better drive your business. Use Birst in a single department, across multiple departments, or for the entire business.

Unlike other business intelligence solutions, Birst is deployed in days, is easy enough for business users to use, and is at a price that delivers real value to your organisation.

 Fast, powerful analysis - discover key insights for your business

  • Merge data from different systems, including marketing, sales, customer service, and finance to find new connections in your data for a better overview of your business
  • Combine and leverage a wide variety of data sources, including Oracle databases, MySQL databases, Excel files, Access databases, csv files, and more -  all quickly and easily in one location
  • From megabytes to terabytes, Birst's environment is scalable and high-speed data connectors upload even the largest files in minutes, so you can unlock the insight contained in your data.
  • Automatically update your data at any frequency to see daily, weekly, or monthly trends

Easy reports and dashboards - quickly create and modify reports and dashboards

  • Tables, Graphs, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Custom Reports - what took hours to create before can now be done in minutes
  • Explore your data. Slice and dice your data quickly and easily, using Birst's automatically generated discovery dashboards or use your own queries in Birst's ad hoc environment
  • Birst is easy enough for business users to use on their own -  empowering more people to create their own reports, without waiting for IT or struggling with Excel

Easily share reports with colleagues - collaborate to ensure the entire organisation has the right information

  • Invite your team, colleagues, or the whole company to view your reports and dashboards
  • Since your reports and dashboards are always in one place, there’s no need to e-mail copies of the latest reports, and you can be sure they're looking at the most recent version
  • You decide who sees which reports and dashboards

Schedule data refreshes to automatically update your reports - ensure that you are leveraging the latest information

  • Use Birst Connect to schedule data uploads into Birst. Your dashboards and reports can be set to update automatically with the new data and no manual loading or recalculating is necessary.
  • Birst also has specialised connections for data stored in popular on-demand applications like RightNow and, so you can leverage your data no matter where it resides.


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