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Business Intelligence - Achieve better results with easy, affordable analytics and reporting.

Tired of business intelligence and analytics solutions that are overly complex, expensive, and inflexible? It’s time for an easy, affordable solution that brings greater business insight and better decision-making to more of your organisation

Get started today - no IT, special hardware, or consultants required. You don’t have to wait for months and spend millions to get powerful business intelligence. BI is now available on-demand, over the internet. You can start analysing your data in minutes.

Reports are easy to create. We’ll even get you started by creating some Quick Dashboards for you automatically. When you upload your data, we’ll automatically analyse your data to pick the most interesting metrics and create a few dashboard reports for you. You can get started with these, or you can go into our easy ad-hoc reporting area to modify them or create your own.

Get results in seconds – even with large amounts of data. Stop wasting your time with Excel spreadsheets or waiting for IT to get you that report. Upload your data and start experiencing the analysis that you want. Even the largest files can be uploaded and analysed quickly.

Easily share reports with friends or colleagues. Instead of e-mailing your reports around and wondering if people are looking at the latest version, invite people to share your BI Space. They can see the most up-to-date reports whenever they want. It’s also easy for everyone to see how things have changed over time – without having to dig through their e-mail inbox for that e-mailed report from 3 months ago.

Use it just for you, your group, or your whole company. Our BI is highly scalable. It’s appropriate for an individual user, for groups of people, like a company department, or the entire company. It offers incredible power and flexibility to the individual and also grows with you as your needs grow.


The Details

High capacity: megabytes to terabytes of data. Our BI handles any type of columnar data, from csv files to Excel and Access. Even Zip files are easily uploaded in BI. Your smallest Excel file to your largest terabyte scale database can fit in BI.

Flexibility: combines data from different sources. Combine and analyse data from multiple systems like finance and operations, customer service and the call system, or marketing and website, all within our BI. By easily combining information, BI lets you see across your business and make the right decision.

Speed: go from data to dashboards in seconds. Our BI is the first solution to automate the entire process of creating a full-function analytical environment. Just upload your data and our BI does the rest – go from raw data to dashboards in seconds instead of weeks or months.

Power: industrial strength analysis and reporting. Our BI’s analysis and reporting capabilities satisfy the most data-happy individuals. The ad hoc reporting area gives you the freedom to create a wide variety of analyses and reports.

Privacy and security. You control with whom you share your information and what they can see. Our BI has world-class security that ensures that your data is always safe.

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