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Our Commitment

To work with you to improve your bottom line and add customer value.

Synergy is an operations management and technologies consulting firm based in British Columbia, Canada with expertise in ERP software, ERP selection, ERP implementation, ERP project planning and process improvement.

Our Passion

We are continuously improving our consulting services and training so that we can offer our clients the best in class techniques for their business process improvement, operation management and business intelligence.

Our Experience

We bring a wealth of experience in the field of operations management, technology innovation and process improvement and have assisted clients in both the public and private sector to increase their performance and productivity. The divergent business experience of our highly skilled consultants  gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding the many gradations of business processes.

Process as a driver

Product and service portfolios have exploded, processes and systems have proliferated, and organisational structures and interfaces have become increasingly complicated. This complexity is not only inefficient – adding unnecessary cost to products and services it also prevents companies from pursuing their next growth frontiers.

We are strong advocates of a process-as-driver-of-technology  approach, rather than the other way around. So before you decide to invest in a software solution, or make a change to your current business processes or embark on a cost cutting exercise or change the way you do business – give us a call on 604.466.5964.

“The most innovative companies don’t just compete on the products and services they sell - they compete on how efficiently their products and services are delivered and how effectively they identify and respond to challenges and new opportunities - without sacrificing Customer Value.”

Ryk Schmahmann

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